Celebration Assembly - WW2 from Year 5

23rd February 2018

The first achievement assembly of this term saw us treated to the learning of year 5. We heard some diary entries set in the Second World War which were superbly read out with great expression.

We also heard some newspaper reports set in the same time period. A great topic which has enabled the children to immerse themselves in some unforgettable events in British history.

As a treat, year 5 played us some of the podcasts that they recorded imagining they were evacuees living in the countryside.

House points

As we enter term 4, the house points are as follows:

4th is More

3rd is Cabot

2nd is Fry

And in the lead are Brunel

The class with the most house points this week for Brunel was Sycamore.


Chance card draw

Year 3 winner - Vivien

Year 4 winner - Grace

Year 5 winner - Lilly

Year 6 winner - Anna


Courtesy awards

This week’s winners were from year 4 and year 5.

The winner in year 4 was Dylan. The winner in year was Bella.



We done to everyone who earned a Mathletics, Spellodrome, times tables and Radio 2 five hundred word story competition certificates.