Sports Day 2017

30th June 2017

A big congratulations to all the children who took part in sports day this week. There was some fantastic talent on show and we know that all the parents who came to watch were very impressed.

The year 3 / 4 sports day took place on Monday with the winning relay team More, 2nd Brunel, 3rd Cabot and 4th Fry.

The year 5 / 6 sports day took place on Thursday with the winning relay team more, 2nd Cabot, 3rd Fry 4th Brunel.

All the points were added up and put with the scores the individual children earned during the other events.

4th 1888 points Fry.

3rd 1953 points Cabot.

2nd 1998 points Brunel.

1st 2226 points More.


Some children who stood out for effort or ability were chosen by class teachers.

Birch- Freya effort Theo ability

Pine -Theo effort O'Shea ability

Maple -Bhyren effort Thomas ability

Willow- Lilia effort Addison ability

Beech- Matei effort Ebenezer ability

Ash- Natalia effort Jack ability

Oak- Liam effort Ollie ability

Elm- Louie effort Vanessa ability

Chestnut- Renaldo effort Ben ability

Sycamore- Carl effort  Matilda ability