Year 4

Miss Allen

Year 4 Teacher

I am Miss Allen: I started teaching in 2006. I joined St Anne's in 2013 and am currently teaching Year 4. I have worked in schools in Reading, Sussex and Bristol, teaching mainly in Key Stage 2. I love music and I lead singing assemblies as well as singing club. Within school, I am maths and music subject leader. Outside of school, I enjoy sewing, baking and geo-caching with my family.

Miss Moffatt

I am Miss Moffat and I currently teach in Maple Class, which is Year 4. I have worked with a range of different age groups and have also spent time in a Special Educational Needs Unit in a Primary School local to me. I am History subject leader for Wicklea, which is my favourite subject to teach. I have always enjoyed learning about History and prior to my teacher training I completed a degree in History from Lincoln University. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and going on adventures to different places!

Miss Morris

Year 4 Teacher

My name is Miss Morris and I am Beech Pines Class Teacher at Wicklea Academy. I have been teaching since 2010 and have worked at a number of different schools. After starting in 2014 teaching Year 5 at Wicklea Academy, I am now enjoying teaching Year 4 which I started in 2016, something I haven’t done for a few years. My particular favourite subjects to teach are art and science. These have been my favourite since I was young and before teaching I completed my degree in Biology. I am currently art coordinator at school and will be running an art club during this year. Outside of teaching, I attend pottery classes, creating many 'masterpieces' that my family and friends get given for Christmas presents!