April 2015 - Tree Planting at Wicklea Academy by Pat Britton B.E.M.

Wicklea Academy is on the land of Broom Well House was built in the late 1760's with 15 acres of land now covered by the Sandy Park and Sutton Dwelling Estate area. It was the home from 1823 until his death in 1858 of Gearge Weare Braikenridge born in Virginia America. A merchant and collector of Antiquarian. He commissioned the collection of drawings of Brislington and Bristol. It is a unique record of Brislington in the 1820's.

Pat Britton received the Lord Mayors Medal for working in the local charities, running a dining club for senior citizens for over 30 years. To this day she still shops for the food for the dining club as well as running coach trips to take out people much younger than herself.

This year Pat has been presented with her B.E.M (British Empire Medal) and at the end of May will be going to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Pat lost her husband Tony many years ago, he was the local chimney sweep in the 50's and 60's and and Pat was a leader with the Girl Guides. They both worked to build their own bungalow.

The tree being presented to the children and staff of Wicklea Academy is an Indian Horse Chesnut "AESCULES INDIA". The seed came from Westonburt Arboretum and the species was from the North West Himalaya's where it was introduced around 1851.

As you may gather from the photos it was a blustery day so well done Pat and children!