Bristol Reading Competition Week

6th March 2020

This week, Wicklea based all their learning around a particular book. Each year group had a different book which was used to inform all of the lessons. There was a wide range of activities on offer across the school from drama and art work to fantastic creative writing. The books were presented to the children in different ways on the Monday morning to spark interest and share the love of reading that we hope to instil in the pupils at school. 
Year 3 read The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes by Ying Chang Compestine.
Year 4 read The Old Man by Sarah V.
Year 5 read The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson.
Year 6 read Boy 87 by Ele Fountain.
Some brilliant, thought provoking texts that provided lots of opportunities for great discussions.
We then showcased all of our fantastic work to the parents on Friday afternoon.

During reading week from Monday 2nd March through to Friday 6th March, year 6 were involved in some very exciting activities all based around the book Boy 87.

We had to imagine that we had a refugee in our classrooms and thought about how to make them feel welcome. So we produced welcome posters that were in lots of different languages. Then we had to  imagine that we ourselves were a refugee or that we knew a refugee and write an emotive poem  about what it was like.  We also made paper boats and added facts and statistics about refugees to them to raise awareness.

On Tuesday we had a visitor from Aid Box Community Charity in Bristol come and speak to us about their work with refugees and we managed to collect lots of food for the charity throughout the week to support their work.

We also created a comic strip to describe the story of Boy87 in words and pictures, and even got to make our own top trump cards.

Finally, we presented all our completed pieces and created videos of what we had done, and parents and pupils got to see it all ready for our competition entry! We had great fun and learnt lots about refugees!