Celebration Assembly - Winners of the week

23rd November 2018

Writers of the week

Year 3 - Henry for fantastic use of rhyme in his poem.

Year 4 - Finley for being incredibly helpful and very hard working this week.

Year 5 - Bella for writing a paragraph full of suspense and tension.

Year 6 - There were 2 children nominated this week; Dylan and Matai for great description.

Problem solver of the week

Year 3 - Eli was nominated by Mr Randall for great perseverance when tackling division methods.

Year 4 - Casey was nominated by Miss Moffat for an impressive new learning attitude since half term.

Year 5 - For showing resilience with time problems, this week’s winner was Jessica.

Year 6 - Gabriel for More great resilience and challenging himself to apply all the area of Maths to all his learning.

Chance card winners

Year 3 - Zuzanna

Year 4 - Ethan

Year 5 - O’Shea

Year 6 - Dina

4th place this week - Fry

3rd - Cabot

2nd - More

The winners this week were Brunel

The class with the most chance cards for Brunel last were Beech and Oak.

Fair play and courtesy award winners

Fair play award - nominated by Mr Harries for being helpful was Ben N.

Courtesy award- nominated by Miss Williams for being helpful in breakfast club was Ethan M in year 5.