Celebration assembly

13th March 2020

British Week
Writers of the week.
Year 3 - Martha for a fantastic non chronological report.
Year 4 - Corey for a great piece based on Howard Carter.
Year 5 - Ava B for superb report writing.

Problem solver of the week
Year 3 - Amaya for fantastic work with statistics.
Year 5 - Ben and Noah for amazing resilience.

This week we celebrated the work of year 3 and 5 over the past couple of weeks.
Year 3 showed off their fantastic Science games that we made using our knowledge of magnetic materials. There were fishing games, racing games and maze games on show all using paperclip as our magnetic materials to help us.

Year 5 impressed us with their unbelievable Science work about space. We heard arguments for the Earth being flat or spherical and had to decide what we thought based on the evidence.

Fair play award
This week's winner Wayne in year 6

Chance card winners
4th More
3rd Cabot
2nd Fry
In the lead are Brunel.
The class with the most points for Brunel was Yew.

Year 3 winner - Jack D.
Year 4 winner - Rohan.
Year 5 winner - Layah 
Year 6 winner - Lena L.