Celebration Assembly 11-10-19

11th October 2019

Celebration Assembly 11-10-19
writers of the week
year 5 - Vincent and Taliyha for awesome Greek myths.
year 6 - Elianna for some great editing of her own writing.
problem solvers of the week
year 4 - Amilia and Henry B for amazing fraction problem solving.
year 6 - Thomas and Oscar for super work with fractions and percentages.
Because year 3 had been trying some tests this week, we rewarded the children who showed great perseverance throughout the week.
Well done Luca, Sam C and Nancy.
Well done to Ben N for showing great equality this week.
Accelerated Reader
 Year 6 leader
Year 5 leader
Year 4 leader
Year 3 leader
Word Millionaires
Well done to all the children who are now word millionaires and multi millionaires. What a fantastic accomplishment!
Suraiyah, Teagan, Nathan, Lena P, Joseph W, Tabitha, Theodora.
Courtesy Award and Fair play Award
 Shakayla was awarded the fair play award.
Judo top bananas
Lois and Merryn
Chance Cards
4th Cabot
3rd More
2nd Fry 
and in the lead this week are Brunel.
The class with the most chance cards for Runel were Elm.
Year 3 winner - Ed
Year 4 winner - Owen
Year 5 winner - Georgie
Year 6 winner - Stephanie