Celebration Assembly 14-6-19

14th June 2019

Problem solvers of the week

Year 3 - Sophie was celebrated for fantastic improvement in all her maths work over the last 4-5 weeks!

Year 4 - Paige for great attitude in her Maths work.

Year 5 - Jess for great work on perimeter and area.


Writers of the week

Year 3 - Elsie and Amelia for engaging information texts.

Year 4 - Macey and Clayton for awesome independent writing.

Year 5 - Joseph for superb writing of a biography!

Year 6 - Samantha, Lena, Imogen and Issy were all rewarded for an impressive unit of work based around a new superhero that the children were allowed to create. They created biographies, artwork and stories all about their heroes!

Chance cards

Year 3

Lewis P.

Year 4


Year 5


Year 6

Jack H.


This week the house with the most chance cards were Cabot and the class with the most chance cards for Cabot were Birch.


Courtesy award winner and fair play award winner!

Fair play award nominated by Mr Anderson for being very helpful setting up and organising games for other children to play was Laveayha.

Courtesy Award winner nominated by Mrs Howells for being extremely polite was Neeve.


Accelerated reader

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6



Sports challenge

This week’s sport challenge was the hockey dribble.

Extra effort - Bella in Birch.

3rd - Casey and Fabs.

2nd - Vinnie in Oak.

1st - Dominic in year 5.


Well done to all the children who earned times tables certificates, out of school awards and earned lots of gold days and chance cards!