Celebration Assembly 21-06-19

21st June 2019

Celebration Assembly 21-6-19

Writers of the week
Year 3 - Sonni for brilliant vocabulary when writing his poem.
Year 4 - Zac for great improvement in his writing.
Year 5 - For super persuasive writing - Jake, Thomas, Anya, Qaram, Thea and Isaac.
Year 6 - Addison and Oliver were selected for unbelievable, hilarious and creative pieces of writing over the last few weeks.
Problem solver of the week
Year 3 - Kyle for super work using measurements.
Year 4 - Joey for superb work in shape this week.
Year 3 winner - Georgia.
Year 4 winner - Leila M.
Year 5 winner - Luca.
Year 6 winner - Tyler.

And the house with the most points this week were Fry!
The class with the most chance cards for Fry was Oak.

Well done to all those children who already have 10 gold days even though we have only been here for 3 weeks.

Courtesy award winner and fair play award winner
Courtesy award winner nominated by Kelly from the kitchen for always being helpful and polite is Lena T.
Fair play award winner nominated by Miss Poole for great sharing is Liam W.

Accelerated Reader
Year 6 winning class is Chestnut.
Year 5 winning class is Birch.
Year 4 winning class is Oak.
Year 3 winning class is Ash.