Celebration assembly 31-1-20

31st January 2020

Writer of the week
Year 3 - Millie for excellent vocabulary.
Year 4 - Eli for brilliant description in his writing.
Year 5 - Poppy and Matilda for amazing story writing.
Year 6 - Jack TF and Bella for fantastic disaster stories.

Problem solver of the week
Year 3 - Lena for superb work using her knowledge of shape, money and addition designing a playground.

Value of the month.
This month's value has been resilience. We rewarded all the children who showed great resilience in all areas of school life over the month and this week we chose 1 child who stood out as very resilient to have a special treat of hot chocolate with Mr Morgan.

Next months value is creativity!

Maths challenge WINNERS!
This week some of our year 4s went to a maths challenge against 23 other schools I including Bristol Grammar School and many others and we won! Tremendous work Henry, PJ, Olek and Daisy.

Fair play award
This week Mrs Williams spotted Liam in Ash showing great sportsmanship.

Chance card winners
The house with the most points this week were Fry
The class with the most points for Fry was Hazel.

Year 3 winner - Merryn
Year 4 winner - Olek
Year 5 winner - Maybel
Year 6 winner - Maisy