Celebration Assembly 4-10-19

4th October 2019

Celebration Assembly 27-9-19

Problem solvers of the week

Year 3 - Maisie for impressive learning attitude in her maths lessons.

Year 4 - Nikki for fantastic verbal reasoning skills.

Year 5 - Sonni for showing genuine enthusiasm when facing hard problems.

Year 6 - Lena for great problem solving.

Writers of the week

Year 3 - Martha for super use of conjunctions in her story.

Year 4 - Naomi super vocabulary.

Year 5 - Sofia for an amazing Greek Myth.

Year 6 - Connor for brilliant improvements in his own writing, which is a very tricky skill.

Courtesy Award and fair play award 

Fair play award nominated by Mr Morgan for showing they are very sensible and taking lots of pride in his new role as school house captain by helping children on the playground is Dylan.

Chance cards this week

4th - Cabot

3rd - More

2nd - Brunel

And the house with the most points earned this week were Fry.

The class with the most for points for Fry were Elm.

Year 3 winner - Aaliyah

Year 4 winner - Rosa

Year 5 winner - Seb F

Year 6 winner - Theo

 Value of the month

Well done to Noah in year 4 who has shown he understand s that equality means treating everyone with the same respect.

Well done to all those children who earned certificates for their timestables, 10 gold days and all their excellence outside of school.