Celebration Assembly 8-11-19

8th November 2019

Problem solver of the week
Year 3 - Francis for great work using partitioning to multiply.
Year 6 - Luca rounding numbers brilliantly.
writers of the week
Year 3 - Mia, Oliwika and Yasmin for fantastic rhyming poetry.
Year 4 - Roxanne, Elsie and Natasha in Oak for a superb advert written and performed.
Rosa and Evie in Elm for a funny and clever advert for a delicious sounding ice cream.
Lewis B, Tom and Rays in Yew.
Year 5 - Natasha and Asmaa for creating great tension in their writing.
Year 6 - Tabitha for an incredibly gripping piece of writing.
 Accelerated Reader term 1.
Year 6 winning class was Sycamore.
Year 5 winning class was Maple.
Year 4 winning class was Oak.
Year 3 winning class was Beech.
Chance Cards
Year 3 winner - Carter.
Year 4 winner - Rosa
Year 5 winner - Freddie.
Year 6 winner - Michael.
At the moment, the leading house is Fry. The class with the most points for Fry this week was Elm class.