Flying Start Assembly

13th September 2019

For the first celebration assembly we rewarded the children who have made a flying start to this school year. They have challenged themselves which is our new value of the month and shown the great behaviour and learning attitude expected at Wicklea.


Year 3


Carter, Hannah, Zy, Loretta, Freya H, Hannah, Milo,

Year 4


Annabel, Sebastian, Naomi, Elsie, Logain, Natalia

Year 5

Rawan, Ben, Ryan, Sam, Laveahya, Harry

Year 6

Madalo, Melissa, Lena, Izzy, Kyran, Dominic

Chance card winners


Year 6: Dominic

Year 5: Mabel

Year 4: Evie

Year 3: Ronnie


House points update


4th More, 3rd Fry, 2nd Brunel, 1st Cabot. Class winner: Hazel



Fair play award



Children showing value of the month: Challenge


Romeo, Kevin and Liam H