July 2017 - Year 6 Celebration Assembly

7th July 2017

This week the focus for assembly was year 6. A well timed assembly as they approach their final 2 weeks of junior school before heading off to the dreaded secondary schools.

We were shown some amazing superhero art. Year 6 focused on perspective and proportions to create some fantastic pieces.

Thanks to Mrs Calder for coming in to help out. We were very impressed!

Year 6 also showed us the adverts made in geography about sustainable cities. Some very different styles but all of them included the important messages.

During their History, year 6 explored the slave trade. Lots of great empathy throughout the topic with some brilliant collaboration and effort during this very mature topic.

House points

Not long to go before we find out who wins the house points for the whole year.

As it stands this term;

4th with 2255  points - More

3rd with 2328 points - Cabot

2nd with 2679 points - Brunel

And in the lead with 2702 points is Fry

The best house for Fry this week were Birch.


Courtesy awards

This weeks winners are

Year 3 nominated by Miss Moffat for being incredibly polite even tho she isn't in her class is Eadie.

Year 6 nominated by all the adults in year 6 for being extremely courteous is Tadiwa.


Well done to all those children earning Mathletics awards. Don't forget the this next week will also help Wicklea in the national challenge which could see us win some technology for our school!

As well as Mathletics we had more children moving up in their times tables.