End of year awards

19th July 2019

End of the year awards

As the year draws to a close we celebrated the achievement of the children in all areas of the curriculum.


Lower key stage 2

Helpfulness - Chloe S

Sports girl of the year - Laila M

Sports boy of the year - Ed D

Presentation and handwriting - Amira B

Effort - Oscar M.C

Music - Seb F

Art - Sonny B

Mathematician - Ben Hu

Writer - Sid E

Science - Malachy C

Reading - Oscar Cl

Homework - Lara H

MFL - Natasha Y

Attendance - Zara M

Design and Technology - Snow P

Computing - Zak T

Humanities Sam T

Citizenship award - Poppy O


4th 11612 Cabot

3rd 12315 Fry

2nd 12561 More

And the house with the most chance cards this year with is Brunel.

Upper key stage 2

Helpfulness - Dina H

Sports girl of the year - Sam O

Sports boy of the year - Gabriel W

Presentation and handwriting - Lily-Rose C

Effort - Finely W

Music - Julia K

Art - Ava E

Mathematician - Yog N

Writer - Plum P

Science - George T

Reading - Eve O

Homework - Lena B

MFL - Musaab E

Attendance - Lena T

Design and Technology - Natalia K

Computing - Brayden I

Humanities - Scarlett P

Citizenship award - Alice H

And the final award which was for a child who has showed a fantastic learning attitude, great behaviour and an unparalleled passion for learning as well as achieving simply unbelievable results in his SATs, the overall achievement award went to Dylan A.


Well done to all these worthy winners!