Celebration Assembly 28-05-19

28th June 2019

Problem solvers of the week

Year 3- Scott for brilliant work with time.

Year 4- Noah for super problem solving.

Year 5- Perla great perseverance in her difficult maths work.



Writers of the week

Year 3- Markus for fantastic writing of the iron man story.

Year 4- Abiir for an awesome descriptive showcase write.

Year 5- Amber for a massive improvement in the quality of her presentation and quality of writing.



Year 6- This week the year 6 children showed off their unbelievable artwork that they have produced this week.

Chance Cards

Year 3 winner - Bethany

Year 4 winner - Ethan

Year 5 winner - Ethan

Year 6 winner - Dina


The house with the most chance cards this week were More.

The class with the most chance cards were Chestnut.


Courtesy award winner and fair play award winner

The courtesy award winner was nominated by Miss Moffat for always being happy, polite and friendly. Well done Rosie C.

The fair play award winner was nominated by Mrs Lewis for great sportsmanship during the upper phase sports day. Well done Alice.


Accelerated Reader

Year 3 winning class - Ash

Year 4 winning class - Oak

Year 5 winning class - Pine

Year 6 winning class - Sycamore