Celebration Assembly 22-3-19

22nd March 2019

Writers of the week
Year 6 - Alice for creating a petition about less laminating in school because it can not be recycled and creating a great biography of George Lucas.
Year 4 - Amira for a super story set in Egypt linked to the Egyptian topic.
Year 3 - there were 2 writers rewarded in year 3 this week. Nabiha and Alex were both nominated by Mr Randall for creating fantastic super hero stories.
Problem solvers of the week
Year 6 - Eve for fabulous Maths work improving her passion for Problem solving
Year 4 - Daisy for showing great growth mindset attitude to her learning.

Year 5 rewarded children for fantastic work throughout their Geography topic and in particular this week where they have gone the extra mile in their work. Josh was also rewarded for his fantastic Science experiments.

Chance cards
4th More
3rd Fry
2nd Cabot
And in the lead this week are Brunel
The class with the most chance cards were Pine class.
Year 3 winner - Ellie
Year 4 winner - Harvey
Year 5 winner - Ryan
Year 6 winner - Alfie A

Courtesy award and fair play award
Courtesy award
Nominated by Mr Richards - Ethan in Yew.
Fair play award
Nominated by Mr Harries - Dina.

Accelerated reader
Year 3 winning class - Ash
Year 4 winning class - Oak
Year 5 winning class - Pine
Year 6 winning class - Chestnut

10 Gold days
Well done to the numerous children that have already earned at least 10 gold days for great learning attitudes and behaviour.

Sports challenge
Effort award - Amelia in Beech
3rd place - Ben in Ash
2nd place - Zavannah in Beech
1st place - Theodora
Effort award - Florence in Maple
3rd - Daisy in Maple
2nd - Amelia in Beech
1st - Lilia
Kyle and Joey completed another level of their phonics work.
Amanda and Zara brought in certificates and medals earned outside of school to share with us this week. Both girls were doing some very important things raising money for charity or helping with scientific research.