Celebration Assembly 17-5-19

17th May 2019

Celebration Assembly 17-5-19

Writer of the week

Year 4 writer of the week was Harry.

Year 5 writer of the week was Issy.

Problem solver of the week

Year 3 nominated 2 problem solvers this week for being incredibly enthusiastic about getting on to the challenge as much as they could throughout the week.

Sophie and Rosa M

Year 4 problem solver was Paige.

Year 5 problem solver was Joseph.

Year 6 were rewarded for their fantastic hard work during their SATs tests.

Well done to all the children who have earned their certificate for 10 gold days!


We were treated to a brilliant dance from year 4. Great effort and obviously lots of practice went into producing a very entertaining dance.

Chance cards

Year 3 winner - Henry C

Year 4 winner - Malak

Year 5 winner - Amber

Year 6 winner - Plum

4th - Cabot

3rd - More

2nd - Fry

And in the lead this week are Brunel

The class with the most chance cards for Brunel was Hazel.


Courtesy award and fair play award

Courtesy award winner was Jack G in year 6 for always being polite no matter who he speaks to.

Fair play award winner was Mabel in year 4 for being a fantastic and fair football player on the MUGA.

Accelerated reader

Year 6 winner - Hazel

Year 5 winner - Pine

Year 4 winner - Oak

Year 3 winner - Beech