Celebration Assembly - School council election

28th September 2018

This week’s writers of the week were;

Year 3 - Raya for using very impressive vocabulary in her writing.

Year 4 - Ava for a very clever and informative newspaper report!

Year 5 - Stephanie for a brilliant Greek myth.

Year 6 - Ava for a fantastic character description of Bilbo from The Hobbit.


This week’s problem solvers of the week were;

Year 3 - Henry C for showing great resilience when learning new Maths skills.

Year 4 - Keibron for using his mistakes when problem solving to learn the best way to solve his problems.

Year 5 - Jake for having such a positive attitude during Maths and showing a fantastic learning attitude.

Year 6 - Barnaby for great perseverance with a very difficult challenge.


This week we found out the children elected to our school council. The children voted for who they believed to be helpful, confident and reliable as they will be meeting regularly with Miss Moffat to discuss ways to improve school as well as ways to raise money for charity.

Year 3

Evie, Corey, Sam, Marla, Amelia and Sorin.

Year 4

Ben H, Mabel, Noah, Vanessa, Sid and Matilda.

Year 5

More Vice captain is Nathan.

Fry vice captain is Dominic.

Brunel vice captain is Teagan.

Cabot vice captain is Stephanie.

Year 6 house captains.

More house captain is Ethan.

Cabot house captain is Lilia.

Fry house captain is George.

Brunel house captain is Lena T.



Courtesy award and fair play award.

The fair play award goes to Daisy who is very helpful in PE and around the playground.

The courtesy award winner this week was nominated by Mr Morgan for always being incredibly helpful.


Chance cards

This week the winner in year 3 was Nabiha.

The year 4 winner was Benji.

The year 5 winner was Theo

The year 6 winner was Maisey.


4th Fry

3rd Cabot

2nd Brunel

The winners this week were More.

The class with most chance cards for More were Yew class.