Celebration Assembly 27.9.19

27th September 2019

Celebration Assembly 27-9-19

Problem solvers of the week

Year 3 - Cache for great perseverance in all his Maths work this week.

Year 6 - Chloe for being incredibly helpful and hard working. 

Writers of the week

Year 3 - Daisy for fantastic subordinating conjunctions.

Year 4 - Evie, Delilah and Elsie for great cross curricular writing.

Year 5 - Joely and Ava for great detail and description.

Year 6 - Reece for a fantastically engaging piece of writing.

Courtesy Award and fair play award 

Fair play award was nominated by Mr Anderson for making sure everyone joins in with games out on the playground.

Chance cards

4th - More

3rd - Fry

2nd - Cabot

And in the lead this week are Brunel.

The class with the most for Brunel were Sycamore.

Year 3 winner - Carter.

Year 4 winner - Olek.

Year 5 winner - Shana.

Year 6 winner - Josh.

 Value of the month

Well done to Finley Noah, Dominic, Natalia, Nathan, Teagan and Thomas who were all rewarded for showing our value of the month challenge in a variety of ways.

Well done to all those children who earned certificates for their timestables, 10 gold days and all their excellence outside of school.

School councillors.

This week we voted for our school councillors and house captains. There were great persuasive speeches and lots of great promises made that hopefully can be delivered to make Wicklea a better place.

Willow class - Hannah and Jack D.

Ash class - Freya H and Ronnie.

Beech class - Daisy and Jacob B.

Yew class - Annabelle and Louie.

Oak class - Natalia and Noah.

Elm class - Rosa and Olek.

Pine class - Zara and Cosmo.

Maple class - Snow and Zac.

Birch class - Anais and Sam T.

Brunel house captain - Teagan.

More house captain - Daisy.

Cabot house captain - Dylan.