Visitor Assembly - Monday 11th November

11th November 2019

The children at Wicklea had a very special visitor this week as Sargent Bill Hillier came in to assembly to explain all about his job in the police force. He explained all the important skills he has acquired over more than thirty years of service, how treating each other positively is so important if you wish to be treated well by others and the various number of careers there are in the police force.
It was great to see how enthused the children were by hearing about a career that they may never normally think about.  A very big thank you to Bill for coming in and sharing with the children.
If you have a career that you feel the children would be interested in and maybe inspired by and you would be willing to share that either in assembly or by talking to individual classes, please let Mr Morgan know, as we are keen to show the children the opportunities that could await them after school.