Celebration Assembly

24th September 2021

This week year 5 shared the fantastic time they had during their Ancient Greek day!

Check out the news page on the website to see all the fun and exciting activities that took place. 

Year 3 writers of the week

For using great time conjunctions were Ameli, Mason and Elliott. 

Year 3 problems solver of the week

Hollie-may, Lily and Ivor.

Challenge certificate for working independently and fantastic attitudes to learning.

Nojus, Nataya, 

Year 4 writers of the week

For brilliant story writing set in Victorian times were Finley, Elsie, Beech and Alice.

Year 4 problem solvers of the week 

A.J, and Mason.

Challenge certificates for pushing themselves in every lesson go to Lily, Jan and Chanel.

Year 4 reading champions this week were Evan, Ruben and Gabriel. 

Year 5 writers of the week

Jacob, Ava and Luke for great comparisons of Athens and Sparta.

Year 5 problem solvers

Eliza, Jack D and Carter S.

Year 6 writers of the week

For creating very persuasive letters  was Zac, Henry and Natasha.

Year 6 problem solvers of the week

For fantastic division was Sam, Julia, Liam  and Louie.

Year 6 reading champions

Elsie and Harry.

Courtesy award winners

Nominated by Mrs Howells for a chirpy, polite greeting in the morning was Sam.

Nominated by Mr Anderson for helping tidy outside was Aaliyah  and Amelia-Mai.

House points 

This week's leaders are Brunel.

The class with the most house points for Brunel were Willow.

Chance card winners

Year 3 winner - Celeste 

Year 4 winner - Lily.

Year 5 winner - Ryan

Year 6 winner - Henry B