Curriculum Approach

At Wicklea we have designed our curriculum based upon the content and progression of key skills from the National Curriculum. The knowledge and skills the children learn at Wicklea provides them with the best chance of success when they are formally assessed at the end of Key Stage Two and gives them a strong foundation for their secondary school education. 
Wicklea’s long term plans give an overview of what is taught in each year group. Most topics last for a term, however some may run over two terms. Links across the curriculum are made where possible, with many English lessons linking to the current topic. Some subjects are taught discretely if they do not link with the topic. 

Each topic begins with a wow event which stimulates a child’s thinking about the topic ahead and encourages them to think of questions they would like to answer. It is often an exciting and practical event which engages and enthuses the children to find out more. The wow event is part of the immersion stage of the topic. This is followed by the development and consolidation of skills whilst acquiring knowledge and vocabulary associated with the topic. There are then opportunities for individuals, pairs or groups to apply and demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways such as: through art; using ICT; written projects or drama.  
Wicklea also teaches through a range of assemblies and themed days/weeks. This allows the children to have a broad understanding of the wider curriculum and helps develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. The Wicklea curriculum ensures children develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully and contribute positively during their next stage of education and beyond.