Wicklea Catering

Wicklea Catering is an independent catering establishment and has the highest health and hygiene award, five stars.

Local, fresh organic produce is purchased where possible. Local high quality bread and rolls are used. Fresh fruit and vegetables are, where possible local and are delivered daily. Meats are farm assured and local where possible. Eggs are from free roaming chickens (not caged birds).

We offer 3 choices of meals each day. Children choose at registration and all pupils are assured of their required selection. They may choose..

A hot lunch with dessert.
A jacket potato with filling and salad or vegetables
A vegetarian option

School lunches are reasonably priced at £2.25 per day. Please pay online via parentpay for your child's lunches.

Breakfast Club starts at 7.55 and finishes at 8.45am. Please attend early to ensure that you have enough time to eat breakfast comfortably.Prices start at 10p, but £1 allows enough for a decent choice.

Your Catering Team is...

Miss Lisa Feeney - Waycroft MAT Catering Manager

Mrs Kelly Crew - Catering Supervisor

Miss Nicola Blake - Catering Assistant

Miss Jess Rawlins - Catering Assistant
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