Guided Meditation by year 4

Hello, Welcome to my guided meditation get yourself in a comfortable position and take a deep breath. As you x-hale close your eyes and imagine your in a beautiful forest. The trees are pink with pretty, pink flowers instead of the leaves...IT’S SPRING!

You see the sun rising and a small fox run’s past the lovely scene. You follow the fox running through a tiny passage of leaves. The  passage leads to a little stream, the little stream leads to a noise. 

You follow the noise. It sounds like crashing water you get to the end of the stream where the sound is louder here the fox gets scared and runs away. You go down the steep hill and when you get to the bottom of the steep hill you notice a little lagoon then you see what is making the noise it’s waterfall! The waterfall is so pretty you can’t let it go.

You deside to sit down on the comfy,wet grass and run your hand along the floor to feel the Different Textures you feel the grass ,smooth rocks and mucky sand.Then you dip your hand in the cold , refreshing water and decide to jump in you make a big splash. You love it’s fresh flowing water, you have a drink and freshen up a bit . It felt get out then get dry and sit down again for a while. You know this waterfall is your and you can come here whenever you like.     

Now open your eyes and relax a little more.



By Anna



By Thomas

Right, to be able to enter this waterfall   you need to close your eyes. Now take 3 deep breaths. One. Two. Three.  Good. Now imagine you are in a beautiful luscious rain forest with green trees. 

You push back a leaf and behind the forest there is a stunning waterfall with glistening water!  Underneath  the waterfall there is a little pool of water.

In the middle of the pool there is a slimy frog hopping on some lily pads. Can you feel your anger leaping out  of you like the frog?       

After ALL your anger has left your body 

You hear something behind you .That beautiful  sound tells you to turn around.

You turn around and ……………… wow! You were definitely  were not expecting that!

Loads of birds are asking you to go on a flight  with you! You accept the invitation.


A Trip To The Waterfalls.


Close your eyes and take a moment to take yourself to a beautiful waterfall. As you arrive at your destination, you walk slowly towards the glistening water. Can you feel the calming mist form around you?


Hear the elegant birds singing while perched on an Oak Tree’s branches. As you walk closer to the waterfall, you smell blossoming flowers and sweet fruit growing in the distance. You tread gently along the moist grass to see a cloudy white dove with perfectly neat feathers. You are the dove, flying elegantly over the trickling waterfalls. The soothing sun fills you with warm emotions.


Take 3 deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth… In through your nose, out through your mouth. That feels better doesn’t it?


You find a peach tree and shake it cautiously. A pink peach lands on the ground in front of you, you pick it up to see it’s multi-colours. You take a small bite to realize that it’s very sweet and juicy and you love it. You take another bite but a bigger one this time, you take a look at the waterfalls and see that the sun is reflecting upon the gentle waters.


The waterfall, you spot, has a little cave behind it’s fall. You go onto the path leading you to the cave, it’s empty but.. It’s rocks show ancient signs drawn by cavemen. You exit the cave being proud of you discovery and sit on the grass on the hill under a birch tree.


You sit back and relax. As you lay on the tree’s bumpy bark, you take another 3 long deep breaths. In and out. Once you have done, you return home feeling calm and happy. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the waterfalls. See you next time whenever you need to relax.

Written by Aaliyah