Using Technology for mindfulness

Using technology for mindfulness and positive thinking

There are a growing number of resources online that can help adults and children to be mindful and focussed on positive thoughts. Here are some examples that you may wish to try out with your child/ren. 

Smiling mind (Free)

A very comprehensive package of guided meditations, breathing exercises and visualisations for children of various age ranges. Considering that it’s free, it’s well-worth a look at. 

Insight timer (Free)

Another collection of free resources available either online or through an app. It offers specific guided mediations and positive thoughts and visualisations for children as well as adults. 

Three good things (Free)

An app that focuses on the positives of the day instead of the negatives. You could perhaps adapt this to also look at three things you are looking forward to that day. 

I am (Free)

Daily positive affirmations. You can set when and how many positive ‘I am…’ affirmations are sent to you each day. 

Youtube (Free)

There are plenty of guided meditations for children on Youtube. The ‘Peace Out guided relaxations’ take you on a guided journey that you 

Positive penguins (99p)

  • One guided meditation 

  • Work through what is making you feel nervous, angry etc by getting you to work through your negative thoughts

Calm app (7-days free trial, then £29 for a year’s subscription)

App for children and adults. 

  • Daily calm every day

  • Guided meditations on anxiety, stress, sleep etc

  • Sleep stories 

  • Music for sleep and relaxation 

Headspace (2 weeks free, then £10 a month or £50 for the year)

Another well-developed app with guided mediations, breathing exercises, visualisations and programs for adults and a children alike.