Celebration Assembly

1st October 2021

This week year 4 shared their fantastic Victorian inspired writing. We listened to some sections of fantastic persuasive letters and stories set in the Victorian era.

Year 4 writers of the week are Jacob, Eva, Tommy, Lily Grace, James, Adbelrahman, Anita, Artemisia, Ivy, Finley and Alan.

Year 4 problem solvers of the week are Reggie, Jude, Victor, Huxley and Amy.

Year 6 writers of the week are Euan, Sophie and Ben.

Year 6 problem solvers of the week are Siena, Seb and Mia.

Challenge certificate for Raya.

Year 5 writers of the week are Emilia and Merryn.

Year 5 problem solvers of the week are Alex, Lena and Lawrence.

Year 3 writers of the week are Mia, Ragnar and Mac.

Year 3 problem solvers of the week are Axel, Rosie and Martha.

Reading certificate for Asha and Cara. 

Well done to all those children who earned their 10 gold days certificates!

Sports challenge winners

This week's challenge was skipping.

Extra effort Loretta

3rd Anna

2nd Mia

1st Elijah 

Courtesy award winners 

Nominated this week by Miss Dejong was Chloe.

Nominated for being kind and polite all the time was Logain.

We also learned which year 6 children won the election for House captains.

Well done for producing a brilliant speech and being grave enough to stand in front of people.

Fry winner Evie

Brunel winner Marla

More winner Julia

Cabot winner Annabelle

House Points

House with the most points was Fry.

The class with the most points for Fry was Pine.

Chance card winners 

Year 6 Elsie 

Year 5 Liam

Year 4 Ulele 

Year 3 Evan