February 2016 - Year 4 visit to Carymoor Environmental Centre

3rd February 2016

On Wednesday 3rd February, Year 4 visited Carymoor Environmental Centre.
We trekked across the (extremely soggy) clay covering an old landfill site and were told about how it has been developed into a wildlife haven. We slipped and slithered up a hill to the top of the tipping face to see the current Dimmer Landfill Site – all of us were amazed by the immense pile of rubbish in front of us.

We also got to experience life in a shanty town. Rubbish from the landfill site had been used to re-create Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone. We got to see how people build their houses and make a living from the rubbish they collect.

Thank you for the great effort you put into our ‘waste-free lunches’. We saw plenty of re-usable containers; crisps decanted from family-size bags; sandwiches wrapped in paper. We shall find out at the end of year how we rated in the challenge!