Celebration assembly - Christmas jumpers!

14th December 2018

Problem solvers of the week

Year 3 - Dayzie has had a great week working with fractions.

Year 5 - Miss Iles Nominated Dylan for lots of fantastic questioning.

Year 6 - Issy has worked very hard visualising shapes to solve problems.


Writers of the week

Year 3 - for a massive boost in effort of his presentation was Tyler

Year 4 - There were 2 writers of the week this week in year 4 for some fantastic poetry. Ed and Anais.

Year 5 - The children wrote a diary entry imagining they were a evacuee from world war 2. Kieran was chosen as someone who really flourished and enjoyed his work.

Year 6 - For a great change in their learning attitude was Tori.

Chance cards

Year 3 winner - Antos

Year 4 winner - Natasha

Year 5 winner - Rudi

Year 6 winner - Julia K.


4th place - Fry

3rd - Cabot

2nd - More

And in the lead this week- Brunel

The class with the most chance cards for Brunel was Oak class.


Courtesy award and fair play award

The courtesy award winner was Seb F.

The fair play award winner was nominated by Mr Morgan this week and went to Ava B.