Celebration Assembly - Year group learning

14th September 2018

This week was the first time for our new look celebration assembly where we celebrate learning from all 4 year groups.

Year 6

Dan was given a certificate for problem solver of the week nominated by Mr Ginns for his fantastic attitude to his Maths work. He has tried to use lots of different methods to try and solve problems.

Luna was rewarded for her fantastic writing this week and named writer of the week in year 6.


Year 3

Problem solver of the week went to Sorin for great questioning when tackling a new problem.

Writer of the week went to Evie for very impressive vocabulary throughout her work this week.


Year 5

Problem solver of the week is Joshua in Pine.

Writer of the week went to Isaac for brilliant use of relative clauses.


Year 4

Problem solver of the week was Natasha for quick efficient work with place value.

Writer of the week was Sidney for capitalising in every piece of writing.


Courtesy award

This week Liam earned the courtesy award for being very helpful in class.


Fair play award

Archie was rewarded for some fantastic fair play on the playground during break and lunch time.


We were also treated to an explanation of year 4’s Science from Environmental week. The 3 classes investigated different parts of the woods to see if different types of trees would grow in different areas.


Chance card points

This week in 4th place - Brunel

3rd - More

2nd - Cabot

And the winners this week were Fry.

The class with the most chance cards for Fry were Beech.


Chance cards winners

Year 3 winner was William

Year 4 winner was Joely

Year 5 winner was Lila

Year 6 winner was Lily-Rose