Greek Day Year 5

20th November 2018

Tuesday 20th November, 2018
During our Greek Day, we had a variety of exciting activities to take part in:
Our first activity was to listen to interesting facts about the country of Greece. We then had to work in pairs, to answer a quiz. The answers were found on several boards that were placed around the hall.
Then we had a go at playing a Greek Game called Petteia. Archmides was a very famous Greek, he was very interested in making and solving mathematical puzzles. In groups, we had to put back together different triangles to make a complete picture.
During the afternoon, we had an experience of being a Greek Warrior and had fun joining in with Olympic Games!
A game of petteia, which was a bit of a mixture of draughts and backgammon.
A puzzle to solve: by Achimedes:
The children were given a picture puzzle that contained different sized triangles. Their task was to fit together the loose triangles on their tables. A challenging task, but great fun!
Gathering answers for a quiz sheet:
The boards contained lots of information about the different Greek topics that we have studied, such as the Olympic Games, the Gods and Greek Philosophers!
Answers to the quiz – children sat in large circle:
As part of our Greek Day in year 5, some of us decided to dress up as Greeks! Can you guess what we may represent? Some of us were dressed up as Gods or Goddesses, Spartans or an Athenian.